4 Riverdale Bronx Apartments with Amazing Views


The window view of an apartment you are considering would definitely be important. After all, one of the most attractive features about living in an apartment would be closely related to the way you can feel as if you were on top of the world. As such, you need to be able to look down upon a beautiful view that would soothe your senses. All around, you’re going to realize what city you’d like to live in. From that point, coming down your general sought region is a genuinely straightforward procedure. Riverdale Bronx has plenty of luxury apartments with great views.

The Best Apartments Views for You

If you are looking for beautiful window views from luxury apartments, then make sure that you start your search in Riverdale Bronx. When it comes to the matter of choosing apartments with beautiful views in this area, you may feel a bit confused because there are simply too many options to choose from. There are four Riverdale Bronx apartments with amazing views that you need to take into account as recommendations:

  • The one at 2001 Mcgraw Ave has a truly wonderful garden view as well as a good view of the NYC, so you would never feel lonely as you look out the window and notice how the blinking lights are the true epitome of the city that never sleeps.
  • The one at 1562 Unionport Rd may be a bit cheaper than others, yet you would still be able to get a good view of landscaped gardens that Parkchester is so well-known for all in all.
  • The one at 1641 Metropolitan Ave would allow you to gain a bird’s eye view over almost the whole of NYC.
  • The one at E Tremont Ave would give you an unhindered view of the vastness of the green field across the road.

There are many different apartments in Riverdale, Bronx, yet if you are looking for a special one with amazing views that would take your breath away so you would be able to see all the available options and make a decision yourself about which one would be the best fit for you

Dumbo Apartments for Rent – 5 Benefits


Dumbo apartments for rental are absolutely one of the smart moves that we can pick to live in the NYC. Well, I will definitely choose this apartment if I want to live in the NYC perfectly. Lots of variant in the prices and buildings that make you easier to choose. The best apartment from the Dumbo apartment that we can pick is the one in Vinegar Hill, Dumbo, NY, 11201.

The main reason why we pick this apartment as our recommendation for you is because the design and the price that really affordable for you who wants to live cozy in the big city NYC. So what are you waiting for? You can read more here about the 5 benefits of Dumbo apartments for rent.

5 superb advantages in Dumbo apartments for rent

The first one is the price. The price is becoming the very first one thing that most people think about for rent an apartment. For only about $5,625 you will get the most awesome apartment with 1 bedroom and 1 bathroom.

The second element is the huge size with the 3 rooms inside is the next thing that you will get. Of course the size is also the next important thing when you live in an apartment, right? So when you get the large enough room, you will get the coziest feeling in your apartment. Then the next thing is the stylish historic building design with the touch of wood beam will give a fresh nuance in your apartment.

The amazing thing that you will get from rent this apartment is for you who love cooking, the best kitchen appliances with stainless steel will molly-coddle you to experience with your food. It is true that kitchen is becoming the crucial spot in your apartment when you get the right one you will reach your happiness.

You will get the most refreshing air circulation with the high ceiling and oversized windows that maximized the air and light come inside your apartment. It is very modern design that absolutely impeccable for you who want to enjoy NYC in a cozy way.

See? It is so wonderful, right?

The 5 Best High Rise Building Apartment Rentals in New York


Great Living, Beautiful Building

All of us would be agree if the beautiful building can’t affect someone’s living at one place. When you come to the great building then you could feel much happier when you come in. If you are not just looking for a beautiful building but high rise and luxury too, then come and book yourself at these luxury Midtown West apartments in NYC.

The best luxury midtown west apartments

  1. VIA 57 WEST

Designed by Bjarke Ingels, it puts an unconventional twist on the classic style of Manhattan high – rise tower. You are very close to natural light, you could stare at the beautiful soaring sky and leisurely spend your time to a view of the spectacular river. At the center, you could relax at beautiful 22.000 square of VIA Garden.

  1. New York by Gehry

Its beauty is adding new splash on Manhattan skyline designed by the beautiful exterior with twisted metal that resembles ocean waves. Each of residence has huge bay windows that giving a great view of the entire island. It also has athletic facilities, pool, library, spa and children’s room also.

  1. The Plaza Hotel

It is one of the New York City’s most famous buildings. The upper floors of Midtown West apartments converted into condos. Every resident in the condos automatically has an access to the five-star hotel amenities. It includes room service, 24-hour butler service, spa, gym, salon and The Shops at The Plaza.

  1. Fifteen Central Park West

Designed by the Robert A.M. Stern, the limestone building sits precisely right at the edge of Central Park. This luxury apartment in NYC offers you with 14.000 square foot fitness center, 75-foot pool, spa, and steam rooms. Do You want to know the roster of residents? Denzel Washington, Bob Costas and Alex Rodriguez!

  1. The Edge
    the Edge offers you gorgeous views of Manhattan. Once you step out from the apartment, you are straight to a city-bound Designed by Jacobs Group, it is the luxury midtown west apartments in NYC that gives you the best access because The Edge is pretty close to train station.

River Place now Offers Apartments in NYC with Health Club


In recent time, when all are becoming very much busy with the excessive work load, then it becomes very important to maintain a sound health so that an individual can easily lead a healthy life. So, before affecting the lifestyle, it is always recommended to do regular exercise which enhances the well-being of the person. But it becomes quite difficult to manage some hours from the hectic schedule and go for gym or health club.

Well, if you are already in NYC and also making your mind to buy an apartment with full of amenities then you should go for NYC apartment with health club. Because, it can easily save your time and help you to maintain a healthy life.

24th May 2016: When maintaining a healthy life is your ultimate moto in life but you cannot figure it out how to manage all your official stuff and health at the same time then the apartments offered by River Place will become first and foremost choice of yours. As River Place offers inhabitants with a wide range of modern amenities including health club, swimming pool and playroom for your children and many more. The large and wide health club of River Place offers you steam rooms and sauna, spinning bike studio and aerobics/yoga facilities. Beside health club, you can even get NYC apartment with pool that lift your mood instantly especially in the weekends. In this way, you can also be able to spend some quality time with your family. So, you can easily consider River Place a heaven with multiple sports and health facilities found under one roof. Well, if you want to get compliments from your relatives or colleagues regarding your choice of apartment then River Place is your ultimate option to grab huge popularity among them.

In essence, with almost all the amenities of any vacation resort, River Place has already proven itself as n modern retreat along with the services of city living. For further information visit their official website i.e. https://www.riverplacenyc.com/nyc-apartments-amenities. After going through their page, you can understand why people want to book their dream home especially in River Place. They understand the requirements of their clients so they can offer the quality service. Well, if you want to book NYC apartment with health club then contact them in this given address-

Rental Gallery:

650 West 42nd St,

New York,

NY 10036

Contact – + 1.212.719. 9000.


5 Perks for Living in Apartment Rentals Near Madison Square Park


There is always any reason to move or stay in a place. If you want to get your new apartment, you also need to consider some things and find the reason for you to stay there. Apartment rentals near Madison Square Park will help you to find the reason to move here. You do not need to worry because all of these reasons are logic.

Perks for Living in Apartment Rentals Near Madison Square Park

  1. The center of Manhattan. This is a huge reason to you to stay here. This place is the center of Manhattan, and it means that this place provides you many entertainments. You will ever get bored to stay here, trust it!
  2. Convenience to biggest NYC events. You do not need to worry to be left of the latest information about the NYC events. You will never miss it. You will be the up to date person and start to change our life into the most modern people in this era.
  3. Great people watching. Have you imagined seeing your idol in close? It is the best thing in your life to know their activity in close. You can be their friends too.
  4. Breathtaking views in NYC. To help you stay longer and love your new place, the breathtaking views in NYC have many things to offer to you. You can release your stress and have fun every day. No more bored days and no more the difficult days to pass.
  5. Iconic part of NYC. Make your days become memorable with Iconic part of NYC. Every day, you can make a new journey to a new place and make a photo in it. What do you think of it?

Rent the apartment in this area will never leave you any regret. You can enjoy your day and make sure of it in three months. After three months, you can make your own decision whether you want to stay longer or not. Keep your financial in good health by rent apartment in this place.